Merlin+ Compatible Replacement Remote

Merlin+ Compatible Replacement Remote Unbranded
Merlin+ Compatible Replacement Remote Unbranded
Merlin+ Compatible Replacement Remote Unbranded
Merlin+ Compatible Replacement Remote Unbranded
Merlin+ Compatible Replacement Remote Unbranded

Merlin+ Compatible Replacement Remote

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Merlin+ Compatible Replacement Remote

High quality Liftmaster 433,92Mhz rolling code compatible remote control. You DO NOT need an existing working remote. Program it like your original remote.
Latest 2017 technology, 3-channel remote control with sliding cover
GREAT VALUE, high quality replacement or additional remote control
Distance: Extra Long Range up to 100 meters.
Battery: CR025
Compatible to Merlin 1+ Remotes
  • CB22 (Control Board)
  • HE60 (HomEntry)
  • MGA600 XLR8 (Wingmate 3)
  • MGL300 (Linear Swing Gate)
  • MGL400 (Linear Swing Gate)
  • MGS300 (Sliding Gate Motor)
  • MGS500 (Sliding Gate Motor)
  • MGS500T (Sliding Gate Motor)
  • MGS1000 (Sliding Gate Motor)
  • MGS1000T (Sliding Gate Motor)
  • MJ3800 (Garage Opener)
  • MJ3800R (Garage Opener)
  • ML500 (MotorLift)
  • ML700 (MotorLift)
  • MLR500 (Chamberlain Garage Opener)
  • MLR750 (Chamberlain Garage Opener)
  • MLR850 (Chamberlain Garage Opener)
  • MR60 (Rolling Garage Opener)
  • MR600 (Roller Door Opener)
  • MR600A (Roller Door Opener)
  • MR650 (Roller Door Opener)
  • MR800 (Roller Door Opener)
  • MR800A (Roller Door Opener)
  • MR850 (Roller Door Opener)
  • MR1000 (Roller Door Opener)
  • MT60 (Sectional & Tilt Garage Opener)
  • MT60P (Sectional & Tilt Garage Opener)
  • MT230 (Sectional & Tilt Garage Opener)
  • MT600 (Sectional & Tilt Garage Opener)
  • MT800 (Sectional & Tilt Garage Opener)
  • MT1000 (Sectional & Tilt Garage Opener)
  • MT3850 (Whisper Drive)
  • MT5580 (Sectional & Tilt Garage Opener)
  • MT5580P (Sectional & Tilt Garage Opener)
  • MR850 (Roller Door Opener)
  • MR1000 (Roller Door Opener)
Please Note:
NOT compatible with EVO models
or if your remote has Merlin+2.0 written on the front.
Pairing Instructions:
1. On your garage door opener, the "Learn" or "Program" button is typically located on the back of the motor unit or on the wall-mounted control panel.

2. Press and hold the "Learn" or "Program" button until the indicator light on the motor unit turns off. 

3. Within 30 seconds of clearing the codes, press and release the desired button on the replacement remote that you want to program (e.g., Button 1, Button 2, etc.).

4. Hold down the button you just pressed on the remote while aiming it at the garage door opener. Press and release the "Learn" or "Program" button on the opener unit. The indicator light on the opener should blink or turn on, indicating that it is ready to receive the code.

5. Release the button on the remote once the indicator light on the opener blinks or turns off. 

Package Includes:
1 x Merlin+ Compatible Replacement Remote
1 x Key Ring
1 x Battery
WARNING: Keep button batteries out of children’s reach:
• Keep coin-sized button batteries and devices out of sight and out of reach.
• Examine devices and make sure the battery compartment is secure.
• Dispose of used button batteries immediately. Flat batteries can still be dangerous.
• If you suspect a child has swallowed a button battery, immediately go to a hospital emergency room. Do not let the child eat or drink and do not induce vomiting.
• Call the Poisons Information Centre on Australia 13 11 26 or New Zealand 0800 764 766 for additional treatment information.
• Tell others about the risk associated with button batteries and how to keep their children safe.