Full Mask Respirator Cool Flow Valve 6000 Series - 6900

Full Mask Respirator Cool Flow Valve 6000 Series - 6900 One Click Shop
Full Mask Respirator Cool Flow Valve 6000 Series - 6900 One Click Shop
Full Mask Respirator Cool Flow Valve 6000 Series - 6900 One Click Shop
Full Mask Respirator Cool Flow Valve 6000 Series - 6900 One Click Shop
Full Mask Respirator Cool Flow Valve 6000 Series - 6900 One Click Shop

Full Mask Respirator Cool Flow Valve 6000 Series - 6900

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Low Maintenance Full Face Mask, 6000-6900 Series


The 6000 series reusable full face respirator mask helps to provide protection against particles, gases and vapours when used with an approved cartridge or filter (NIOSH). It’s vitally important when in an environment that has harmful gases to uphold your safety and health. One of the best to ensure you uphold your safety and health through the 6000 series respirators. The respirator is reusable as the cartridges and filters can be exchanged or disposed once used to capacity. Made from a thermoplastic elastomer, making it soft, lightweight and reliable.


The 6000 respirator mask features twin lightweight filters, which can be specialized to suit your individual needs. Fitting the respirator is easy with a balanced a four head strap combination for a comfortable yet secure fitment. Featuring a large lens for a wide angle of viewing and excellent visibility. Its lightweight design makes this reusable respirator a favourite for professionals, to fit and dismount swiftly between jobs and the low profile design doesn’t obstruct the field of view.


Once the straps are adjusted the face piece is fully secured to the user’s face not allowing any harmful gases or particles to be inhaled. The 6000 series offers versatility for various environments and applications, with the approved cartridges and filters.

The 6000 Cartridges, 2000, 2200, 7000 or 5000 series filters are compatible with the 6000 series respirator. They are all easily attached with a quarter turn twist on and off onto the face piece.

Offering an alternative to the cartridges/filters the 6000 series can be used with high or low Cool Flow system, allowing flexibility and easy connections between both systems.

Features and Benefits

Full Face Respirator with wide visor
Silicone face seal for enhanced comfort and durability.
Large polycarbonate lens for wide field of view and excellent visibility
Bayonet style fitting cartridges and filters
Four strap suspension, easy to put on and take off

Typical Applications

Oil and Gas
Industrial Maintenance



What is the difference between a respirator and a standard face mask?

Respirators allows for a higher filtration efficiency and better fit than standard face masks. All respirators must be approved by NIOSH with an assigned approval code on each respirator if you’re unsure about a respirator or a standard face mask.

What is a NIOSH Approved Respirator?

The NIOSH regulates the manufacture and testing of respirators, along with cartridges, filters and supplied air systems.

How long do particle filters last?

As particle filters load up with the contaminant they actually become a better filter. However, they become a harder filter to breathe through. The user will notice breathing becoming too hard and will then need to change the filter.

Half-mask or full-mask respirators?

Depending on the health and safety requirements of your workplace or the demands of your application, you may need to choose between a half mask or full mask respiratory. Half mask respirators cover only the nose and mouth, while full masks cover the entire face. While both masks may have the same grade of filter, a full face mask has the benefit of sealing around the whole face, creating a more secure seal. Full face masks also have the advantage of protecting the eyes from vapours or splashing. As such, the full face mask option is often a better choice for potentially more hazardous conditions.

However, a half-mask might be a more cost-effective option if extra protection isn't needed, or might be more suitable for use in combination with specialized headgear.

Correct use of respirators

When it comes to respiratory protection, the correct fitting and testing of your respirator is just as important as selecting the correct respiratory protective equipment for your working conditions. Be sure to follow all pertinent instructions and that health and safety best practice is adhered to at all times. Always be sure to use the correct filters for your environment, and make sure the replacement filters are changed as regularly as is recommended.



Full Mask Respirator Cool Flow Valve - 6000 Series - 6900

For work in laboratories or hazardous environments, use this mask respirator. It protects against the inhalation of chemicals, vapours and dust. For versatility, it has three modes: air-purifying respirator, supplied air and powered air-purifying respirator. You can use it in hot or humid conditions thanks to the Cool Flow Valve, which reduces heat build-up inside the mask to help you breathe comfortably. You can rest assured that the polycarbonate lens is impact-resistant for enhanced workplace safety.
• Wraparound lens for wide visibility and an unobstructed view
• Lightweight silicone face seal for comfort and durability
• Mask comes apart for easy cleaning and disinfecting


• Construction sites
• Mining industry
• Chemical production

How do I replace the mask's filter?

You can quickly release the filter using the bayonet fitting. You should make sure you choose a filter with the correct level of protection for the conditions you work in.